NMDC’s 100th Training at Pyuthan: Mid-west Nepal

Journalism Training Focused on Development Reporting 18-22 May 2017 (04 – 08 Jeth 2074), Pyuthan


National Media Development Center (NMDC) with the support from the Department of Information, Ministry of Information and Communications and in coordination with FNJ Pyuthan branch has successfully organized a five-day Journalism Training Focused on Development Reporting. It is NMDC organized 100th journalism training that was organized from 18-22 May 2017, (04 – 08 Jeth 2074) in Pyuthan. NMDC has organized its different trainings in 71 out of 75 districts of Nepal.So far NMDC has provided journalism skill to 2398 participants including 1061 women.

NMDC Training at a Glance May 2007 to May 2017
SN Training Theme Male Female Total Training Covered Dist
1 Basic/Inter./ Advanced 592 565 1157 46 59
2 Health 206 144 350 17 129
3 Development 107 124 231 11 53
4 Civic 271 91 362 11 45
5 Disaster & Reconstruction 100 109 209 11 29
6 Diff. Themes 61 28 89 4 20
1337 1061 2398 100
Total Trainings 100
Training Conducted District Till Pyuthan 71

Journalism training focused on development reporting gave high priority to fresh participants. There were 27 participants including 17 women. Among them 9 were working journalists who had participated in previous journalism training and all others were new participants interested in journalism. At the end of the training, all of them expressed their interest to be a media reporter. There are 7 FM radio stations, and 16 newspapers in the district.

The training became fruitful to all the new participants as they clearly understood the theme of the training and they participated very actively in all sessions. For the first two days, the course covered the principles of basic journalism, news identification, news writing, experience sharing, field reporting and presentation together with the concept of development reporting. In other days, it focused on writing skill, interview skill, and other dimensions of development reporting.

The issues apart from principles covered in the sessions were new media-Facebook, Flicker, Blog, Google search, Google mapmaker, development, tourism, culture and economic reporting and code of conduct for the journalists. Discussion also took place that the journalists had to be updated with district information.

Together with several class exercises, presentation and news writing, one field reporting assignment had provided a great practical knowledge and confidence to the reporters. They had told that the field reporting assignment had inspired and gave them a clear idea to be a reporter.  Even in a short period, they had become able to recognize and identify issues and had also become able to categorize issues on different themes such as tourism, development and economy. They also have learned that journalists should keep in mind the code of ethics for journalists.

FNJ President Mahabir Rana Magar had chaired the inaugural session. Inaugurating the training session, he welcomed the trainers and participants and asked them to take maximum benefit from the senior trainers, which is rarely available. He said, the participants were very lucky to have this training. He encouraged them to learn being active and become good reporter.

Senior trainer Shreeram Singh Basnet addressing the session said that the training would be based on practice so they had to participate actively in all sessions. To make the training fruitful they should participate in a friendly environment.

Shreeram Singh Basnet, Bishnu P Sharma, Giru Prasad Bhandari, Laxman Acharya and Bijaya Bharati had facilitated the training.

Senior journalists and trainers jointly distributed the certificates to the trainees. Puja Bhusal and Lil Bahadur Roka Magar had expressed their training experience. Both of them said that the training had developed their confidence and encouraged them to be good journalists.

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