Nature’s Call

विष्णुप्रसाद शर्मा पराजुली

Bishnu Prasad Sharma Parajuli

Our ancestors worshiped the nature,
Our ancestors respected and loved the nature,
As, it provided food and shelter to all its children.
Today, scholarly human beings demonstrated brutality towards the nature,
For supremacy to destabilize deprived beings, they ruined the nature.
So, the nature became unbalance,
So, the nature became feeble and toothless,
Then; invisible enemy like Cobid-19 originated
And, started a marathon across the globe slaughtering human creature.
World powers have the guns and the missiles, but they cannot kill
Billionaires have the money, but they cannot buy the pill
Science have the lab, but they cannot treat infected patient’s will.
So– learning from Cobid-19
Again– like the ancestor’s of Himalayas, Karakoram, Alps and Rocky Mountains
Respect the nature, Worship the nature
Love the nature and Salute the nature
And beg alms of pity from the nature
Because, nature is our father and mother.
In the world, nothing is beautiful than the Himalayas, Kararoram, Alps and Rocky Mountains
In the world, nothing is beautiful than the Glaciers, Rivers, Forests and Oceans
So, do not demolish the nature,
So, do not abuse the nature,
Otherwise, another virus dangerous than Corona will emerge.
To nurture all the creatures of nature
To preserve seeds of human beings
Respect and Worship the nature
Love and Salute the nature
It’s a call of the nature.
31 March 2020

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